Katherine Gallagher, MA, CCC-SLP
Katherine Gallagher, the Director of this multi-facetted team, brings a sense of creativity and heightened energy to make positive changes at a progressive rate attaining result. She is highly respected by her clients and peers and valued for always getting the job done. Katherine Gallagher is respected; her insights, skills and training are highly regarded among many in the health fields. She has worked with diverse populations including children with developmental disabilities ranging from mild to the most severely difficult to diagnosis, and hearing impaired adults and children.
Additionally, she has served as an adjunct professor at the university level. She maintains her expertise by keeping current with the most up to date programs of intervention.

Katherine Gallagher has been named Honoree for her accomplishments in the field of Communication Sciences and Speech Pathology by the School of Health and Medical Sciences at Seton Hall University.

Her clinical practice services a variety of populations and allows for treatment in her offices, in a home environment as well as various school and environmental settings. Treatment plans and coordination with various sciences in the health/helping related fields involves a heightened level of sensitivity and creative insight which is often necessary when other techniques and applications have been exhausted.

Mary Winzinger, MA

Mary Winzinger is a graduate from the College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ. Her master's portfolio was entitled "Sources of Stress: Sources of Support According to Mothers of Autistic Children." She is a certified biofeedback provider and her specialty is in designing and implementing computer protocols for challenged children.

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