Katherine Gallagher, the Director of the Community Speech Language and Learning Center, has over 30 years of experience and leads a multidisciplinary team in the treatment of various related communication disorders and related learning disabilities. We engage in direct treatment including assessments, differential diagnosis, and follow up individualized treatment plans to combat a multitude of delays and disabilities. We take special care to include all the environmental conditions, such as parental/teacher/school influences, to enable us to have a complete understanding of the individual's needs. In addition to clinical applications, we have experience in the academic area as certified teachers of kindergarten through 8th grade. This allows us to further understand the impact of all academic factors. We strive to create appropriate treatment plans and coordinate efforts between home and school.

Extensive work with adults allows us to have the knowledge to create a variety of treatment plans in many areas for our adult clients. We take great care in providing center and home based treatment which allows for the crucial aspect of carryover into the home and the workplace. Our diverse work experiences allow us to provide our clients with the most current methods and techniques in the field of therapeutic intervention.

We offer state of the art science programs including revolutionary training methods based on scientific clinical findings to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary skills for developing speech, language, and communication competence. We are able to guide our families to make decisions regarding all aspects of their particular needs including therapeutic, school placement, home care and social interactions. Additionally we recognize the physical needs as we provide complete diagnostic/preventative treatment plans for swallowing disorders for the pediatric through the geriatric population. We also offer computerized software that provides a consistent reinforcement which enable clients to make progress in a multitude of areas.

The staff at the Community Speech Language and Learning Center continues to further their knowledge with the latest techniques and works extensively with infants, children, and adults with various delays and deficits.

Katherine Gallagher, the head of this multifaceted team, brings a sense of creativity and heightened energy to make positive changes at a progressive rate to attain the desired results. She is highly respected by her clients and peers and valued for consistently attaining established goals. Katherine Gallagher is respected because of her insights, skills and training and is highly regarded among many in the related health fields. She has worked with diverse populations including children with developmental disabilities ranging from mild to the most severe and difficult to diagnosis. She has practiced voice therapy, provided intervention to children and adults who experienced disfluencies (i.e. stuttering), engaged in specific infant stimulation, implemented feeding programs, worked with hearing impaired adults, and managed early amplification of hearing impaired infants. Treatment plans in coordination with various sciences in the health/helping related fields involves a heightened level of sensitivity and creative insight which is often necessary when other techniques and applications have been exhausted.

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